We’re damn happy to finally tell you that all the vocals are done! Now it’s time for final mixing and master and ‘I Won’t Forgive You’ will be out!! 

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The wait is almost over! Our debut single called ‘I Won’t Forgive You’ from our debut EP is coming out in few weeks! 
Check out this video teaser and share it with all of your friends!

We would like to thank our good friends Giuseppe Giglio and Piero Crimi for the amazing job they’re doing to make this single awesome as hell.



Hi guys! Adam & Vito here! 
This is the official page of our new band ‘My Searing Breath’. 

We’ve been working hard during the past few months, writing new songs and stuff, putting our hearts and efforts on this new ‘chapter’ of our lives. 

We will start recording at the end of the month and we hope to release something during the first days of 2014! Things are going pretty well right now, we have found the inner calm, concentration and inspiration suited to write. 

These last months were quite difficult for both of us. Having left behind our old project, that has helped us to grow and mature musically, it was not easy, it was a blow but luckily we got up after every fall and return stronger than before.

We thought about a lot of things and we took every single moment of our lives and we put them in this new step.

Pretty sure you won’t regret it! And just to be clear, everything will be heavier than everything that we’ve been done in the last years.

Debut single coming really soon!

Sneak peak from the studio!